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Pistol Mounted Optics (RDS) Transition Course - LE Only - April 25-26, 2024 (Chino, CA)

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The pistol-mounted optics, Red Dot Sight (RDS) transition course is a comprehensive 2-day (16-hour) CA POST-certified class geared to successfully transitioning the Law Enforcement Officer to the pistol-mounted (RDS) Red Dot Sight system.

Students will learn the features of the various RDS optics and the operation of the RDS optic, including proper zeroing and routine maintenance. The class will cover the advantages of the RDS. Dry practice and live fire drills will help the student develop the proper techniques to transition from multiple focal plane shooting to single focal plane target-focused shooting. The student will also learn occluded optic alternatives and single-hand manipulations, including reloading and malfunction clearances.

Prerequisite: Active Duty Law Enforcement Officer

LOCATION: Prado Olympic Shooting Park, 17501 Pomona Rincon Rd., Chino, CA. 91708

Class begins at 0800 hours. 

ATTN: Training Coordinators. After purchasing, please email with your order number, student name, POST ID number, and contact email.  

Equipment Requirements